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Everything You Must Know About Smart Locks

Smart locks, the futuristic solution to secure your abode with ease, have risen in popularity. These keyless entry marvels offer customised access for guests and neighbours, eliminating the age-old hassle of keys. But how do these smart locks work, and are they safe?

With this article, the best automotive locksmiths in Melbourne strive to delve into these questions and more, ensuring you’re well-informed about whether a smart lock is the right choice for your home or business.

The Advantages of Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular due to the unparalleled benefits they offer to users. Be it your home, office or automobile; smart lock installation renders a lot of advantages for all.

1. Keyless Convenience

The primary advantage of smart locks is their ability to free you from the tyranny of traditional keys. Say goodbye to fumbling in your pocket while laden with groceries on your welcome mat. No more worries about locking yourself out or hiding emergency keys under the flowerpot. With a simple app on your smartphone, you can effortlessly unlock your door.

2. Customised Access

Smart locks offer the luxury of customisation, sparing you from the hassle of making extra keys for dog walkers or cleaning crews. You can generate unique codes for these individuals and modify them as needed, ensuring security and flexibility.

3. Remote Control

Wireless smart locks empower you to lock and unlock your door from afar through a smartphone app. This feature also allows you to monitor who enters and exits your premises. Whether you’re away for extended periods or just across the globe, you can even grant access to friends for plant watering duties. Alerts on your smartphone keep you informed about departures and arrivals, acting as a virtual door alarm.

4. Enhanced Security

Smart locks operate differently from conventional locks, making them exceedingly resistant to compromise. Some models include auto-locking features, allowing you to set a specific time for automatic door locking, adding an extra layer of security to your home.

Are There Disadvantages to Keyless Locks?

Though smart locks are now the favourites of automotive locksmiths in Melbourne, these are also not void of cons.

1. Higher Initial Cost

Smart locks, while a valuable investment, come at a higher upfront cost compared to traditional locks. If you’re a renter, discussing smart lock installation with your property owner is necessary. Consider whether you can take the smart locks with you when you move.

2. Connectivity Expenses

To enjoy features like remote locking and unlocking, you may need to invest in a stable Wi-Fi connection, which can add to the overall cost. Voice activation also requires integration with a smart home speaker or display.

3. Technical Glitches

Like any electronic device, smart locks may face connectivity issues. Power outages or router problems can disrupt your Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, losing your phone or having it stolen could pose a security risk if it contains your lock app. Smart locks rely on batteries, which must be replaced periodically. To mitigate these issues, select a model with a backup battery in addition to hardwiring.

Can Smart Locks Be Hacked?

You might wonder if internet-connected smart locks are susceptible to hacking. The answer is yes, but it’s not a simple task. Hacking a Wi-Fi keyless door lock requires a determined effort. Here are the main ways a smart lock could be compromised:

1. Breach of Household Wi-Fi

To access the smart lock this way, a hacker needs to be in close proximity to the lock itself.

2. Bluetooth Eavesdropping

From close range, hackers can attempt to intercept Bluetooth communications if your lock uses Bluetooth.

3. Phone App Vulnerabilities

From a greater distance, a hacker would have to break into your phone’s lock app, highlighting the importance of keeping your app and phone’s operating and security software updated.

Defending Your Locks Against Hacking

Like every other electronic equipment, smart lock installation is also not safe from hacking. However, your automotive locksmith can help you in different ways to defend against intrusion. Below are a few steps to protect your smart locks from potential hacking, follow these steps:

1. Regular Updates

Always update your lock’s firmware and associated security apps with the latest software to patch vulnerabilities.

2. Choose Trusted Brands

Select a reputable lock brand and consider the lock’s ANSI grade rating, a measure of its security strength. Opt for an AES lock with two-factor authentication for peace of mind.

3. Smart Home Integration

Integrate your smart home devices for comprehensive monitoring, enhancing your security network.

4. Professional Installation

Consider hiring a certified professional for smart home setup and installation, ensuring that your system is secure and efficient.

Choosing the Best Smart Lock for Your Home

Smart door locks, when combined with the following components, enhance your peace of mind whether you’re arriving home or heading out for the evening.

  • Ensure the smart lock is compatible with your existing door
  • Check if it works with your smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Look for advanced security features like encryption, tamper alerts, and two-factor authentication
  • Consider whether you want keyless entry, PIN codes, smartphone app access, or a combination of these
  • Decide between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a combination of both for remote access and control
  • Ensure the lock integrates with your smart home ecosystem
  • Check the expected battery life
  • Consider if you can install the lock yourself or if you need professional installation
  • Look for locks that fit your door without major modifications.
  • Look for locks with a good warranty and responsive customer support

In Summary

Smart locks offer a plethora of options to enhance convenience and home security. While they aren’t flawless, much like traditional locks, your choice depends on how you want to regulate access to your home. Once you determine your needs, selecting the best smart door lock for your front, back, or side door becomes a breeze.

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