Risky Business Costume: Cute Australian Outfits

Risky Business Costume

The concept of costume parties has become increasingly popular worldwide, providing individuals with the opportunity to dress up and embody various characters or themes. One popular and daring costume choice is the “Risky Business” outfit, inspired by the iconic scene from the 1983 American film of the same name. While the original scene featured Tom Cruise in a button-down shirt, socks, and underwear, this article will explore how to put an Australian twist on the Risky Business costume, incorporating cute and unique elements that showcase the spirit of Australia.

Embracing the Australian Spirit

Australia is known for its laid-back and adventurous lifestyle, which can be wonderfully reflected in the Risky Business costume. To embrace the Australian spirit, consider opting for a loose-fitting, lightweight shirt with vibrant colors or prints.

This choice not only adds a playful touch to the outfit but also ensures comfort, especially during warmer seasons. Australia is also famous for its indigenous art and culture, so incorporating traditional Aboriginal designs into the shirt can be a fantastic way to pay homage to the country’s heritage.

Showcasing Aussie Flair

To infuse some Aussie flair into the Risky Business costume, think about accessorizing with iconic Australian symbols. An essential item is a cork hat, which not only provides shade but also represents the country’s sense of humor and the unique wildlife.

Additionally, you can add some fun accessories such as koala or kangaroo plush toys, which can be pinned to the shirt or carried around. These playful additions not only enhance the cuteness of the outfit but also act as conversation starters, allowing you to share interesting facts about Australian wildlife.

The Beauty of Australian Footwear

Footwear plays a crucial role in completing any outfit, and when it comes to the Risky Business costume with an Australian twist, there are some fantastic options. Consider opting for cute and comfortable sandals or thongs (flip-flops), which are popular choices for everyday wear in Australia due to the warm climate.

Look for designs with vibrant colors, patterns, or even featuring iconic Australian flora and fauna, such as the golden wattle or the kangaroo. These unique footwear choices will not only complement the overall look but also showcase your love for Australia’s natural beauty.

Beach Vibes and Swimwear

Australia is renowned for its stunning beaches, so incorporating beach vibes into the Risky Business costume is an excellent idea. Instead of traditional underwear, consider wearing a colorful or patterned swimwear bottom, paying homage to Australia’s coastal lifestyle. You can pair it with a loose, oversized beach shirt or a kimono-style cover-up for a more playful and relaxed look. To complete the ensemble, accessorize with a straw hat, a beach bag, and a pair of sunglasses. This combination not only adds a cute twist to the costume but also reflects the carefree and vibrant beach culture that Australia is famous for.


When it comes to the Risky Business costume, adding an Australian touch can make it even more exciting and adorable. Embracing the Australian spirit, showcasing Aussie flair, opting for unique footwear, and incorporating beach vibes and swimwear are all fantastic ways to make the costume stand out.

By infusing elements that represent the beauty, culture, and lifestyle of Australia, you can create a cute and memorable outfit that pays tribute to the Land Down Under while capturing the adventurous and carefree spirit of the Risky Business theme. So, get ready to rock your Australian-inspired Risky Business costume and enjoy the festivities!

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